How to improve search engine rankings

A very common question asked by many. And the answers may differ with time and with technology, change of policies and search engine rules etc. Some years back it was all about reciprocal link exchange, page rank, directory submissions, having several door way pages etc. And at present things have become more organized, more expensive and much more difficult and complicated compared to those good old days. 
At the moment it's all about quality unique content and with superior one way backlinks, SEO Knowledge is a must, clean website code, and lot's of social media activity and also blogging plays a major role.
To be more specific your website should contain useful, unique, up to date information about the key topic your site is all about. Having a good site map is essential. You should also signup with google webmaster tools, and it will give you lot of insight about your site and it’s a ranking’s and the things you need to fix and the things your doing wrong etc. Learning some basic to advance “SEO - Search engine optimization” strategies and tactics will surely get you on the top. Every thing matters, starting from the domain name, the type of hosting, website speed and connectivity, meta tags are some of the important things to look out for.
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