Im with another host and want to transfer to

Can you transfer my websites including my files, databases and images from my previous hosting provider to your servers?

SHARED WEB HOSTING ACCOUNT TRANSFERS: can arrange and transfer all your files including images, databases, e-mail etc. to our servers, only if your current hosting provider is offering cPanel as their control panel. This transfer service is provided FREE of charge.

We need the following information in order to move your data to our servers:

- IP Address or Domain:
- cPanel Username:
- cPanel Password:

Once we have received the above details we can transfer your web site with zero downtime, all you have to do is change nameservers to our servers once the migration is completed.


We can arrange and transfer all your accounts including your client accounts with zero downtime, then we need the following details to proceed with the transfer.

- WHM Login URL:
- WHM Username:
- WHM Password:

For resellers we can transfer up to 25 clients (cPanel Accounts) for free, thereafter it would be billed at $2 per additional cPanel account. If any single cPanel account is larger than 10GB there will be an extra $10 transfer fee to transfer such accounts.


We can transfer unlimited amount of cPanel accounts for free. We can do the transfer with zero downtime for your websites. If your current hosting provider is not supporting cPanel then there would be a charge of $5 per account (this option is only available for SEO hosting plans).


We can transfer unlimited amount of accounts from any other provider that supports cPanel to your cPanel based VPS or Dedicated server with us.

Then we need the following information to move your data from a 3rd partly cPanel server:

- SSH Port:
- Server IP:
- Root Password:

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