We were experiencing data center wide service interruption on our entire UK network due to a power failure at the UK facility that we host our UK servers. From 10.30 yesterday morning power was re-established and the data center staff managed to bring back 90% servers online however there was about few servers including ukvip1, Maria, Taylor and wells which fail to come online. The data center staff began the process of re-setting these individual equipment that required attention and are of course monitoring the situation carefully to ensure that services are back online as soon as possible. Data Center Operations team will be investigating fully to determine cause of the issue. We will also establish as a priority why our backup power facilities did not operate as expected.

We will keep you updated and we're trying our utmost to bring your sites online.

Jina Roberts
Level 3, Technical Support
Tech Support
VIPNet Servers Inc.
Hosting Site: http://www.goviphosting.com
Domain Site: http://www.govipdomains.com

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

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