Dallas, Tx Data Center Power Outage

To Our Valued Clients on server IdoParties.In the evening hours of January 22, 2019, our clients experienced an interruption in their services. The purpose of this email is to brief you on the cause of the incident. There was an Oncor power outage at approximately 7:20PM. Our critical power infrastructure kicked in per our power incident ... Read More »

23rd Jan 2019
USA SEO Server Atlantis - Memory Upgrade


We have upgraded the USA seo server Atlantis memory capacity from 24GB to 34GB, this will result in super fast site load speeds enabling faster downloads and more efficient browsing experience.

Best Regards

11th Oct 2017

Hello Everyone,

We have decided to reduce all our pricing in all our SEO hosting plans for new customers, Price reduction updates are currently underway  and we are hoping to have the new price structures online by august 13 2017.

Go VIP Management

9th Aug 2017
UK Data Center Power Outage Updates

UPDATE1: All servers are back online now except ukvip1, Taylor and wells (we are working on these 3 servers) UPDATE2: All servers are back online now except ukvip1 (server running FSCK), Taylor and wells. UPDATE3: ukvip1 is back online UPDATE4: Taylor and Wells are still being worked on, we expect Taylor to come online ... Read More »

16th Nov 2016
UK Data Center 95% Back online :)

Hello, We were experiencing data center wide service interruption on our entire UK network due to a power failure at the UK facility that we host our UK servers. From 10.30 yesterday morning power was re-established and the data center staff managed to bring back 90% servers online however there was about few servers including ukvip1, Maria, ... Read More »

16th Nov 2016
Goviphosting.com UK Data Center Power Outrage

Dear Clients, We are experiencing service interruption for our UK network due to a service outrage at the UK facility that we host our UK servers. We will keep you updated once more details are available to us, more upto date details can be found here; UPDATE1: All servers are back online now except ukvip1, Maria, Taylor and wells. UPDATE2: ... Read More »

15th Nov 2016
Welcome to all new Goviphosting.com

Hello friends

this is our new site with all new features and improved list of products..........

9th Mar 2014

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