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Useful cPanel features

AWSTATS (statistics software)

To enable Awstats (disabled by default):

cPanel > Logs > Choose Log Programs

Check Awstats and the domain(s) you would like to get statistics for

To view the statistics:

Logs > Awstats

Please note that Analog and Webalizer are disabled on shared servers due to their resource intensive nature.

You can also update Awstats manually, for this purpose please enter Awstats (Logs > Awstats) and click the buttonUpdate Now on top of the page.

[alert]Manual updates are available since the very first update, which may take 24-72 hours.[/alert]

Create an addon domain

 Addon domains are separate domains that have their own content and managed by one cPanel account:

cPanel > Domains > Addon Domains
  •  Put the desired domain name and FTP account password
  •  Click Add Domain

 Create a subdomain

 Subdomains prefix to your domain name and point to a subdirectory within your public_html folder

Domains > Subdomains
  •  Put the desired prefix in the Subdomain field.
  •  click Create

Create a parked domain

 Parked domains are so-called aliases: they all replicate the content of customer’s main domain (domain1 same as domain2)

Domains > Parked domains
  • Enter the domain you wish to park in the available text field.
  • Click Add Domain


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